First ‘Doctor Sleep’ Reactions Tease Heartfelt Horror & a Worthy ‘The Shining’ Sequel

     October 25, 2019

Ready to head back to The Overlook? A sequel to The Shining sure sounds like a bad idea, both on the page and the screen, but Stephen King defied the odds with his 2013 followup novel Doctor Sleep, which follows a grown-up Danny Torrance battling the same rage and addiction issues as his father until his life crosses paths with a young girl who has a “Shine” that might be even more powerful than his own.

Now, The Haunting of Hill House and Gerald’s Game filmmaker Mike Flanagan has adapted the sequel for the screen, which means he has to bring King’s story to life in a way that honors the author’s vision while living in the legacy of Stanley Kubrick‘s iconic 1980 The Shining adaptation. So did they pull it off?

Doctor Sleep is heading to theaters next month and the latest King adaptation has already screened for select fans and critics. With the social embargo released, the first reactions are hitting the web and the word is good. Admittedly, that’s usually the case with these early screening reactions, but I had the chance to catch the film at the junket last week and can confirm that, yes, the film is Good Actually. The review embargo is still on so that’s all I can say about that here, but you can check out my thoughts and those of many others in the tweets below, and stay tuned for our chat with Flanagan.

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