Collider Heroes: ‘Doctor Strange’ Premiere; ‘Deadpool 2’ Loses Tim Miller

     October 26, 2016

Welcome to the 80th Episode of Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with guests Robert Meyer Burnett, Amy Dallen, and John Campea. On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Wednesday October 26th, 2016) we discuss:

  • New teaser released for Legion
  • The CW’s superhero series discussion
  • Minor Mutations
  • Twitter questions

Heroes on the Big Screen


Image via Marvel

So the newest Marvel studios film has landed, with its world premiere at the TCL Chinese, in IMAX 3D. John Campea and Jon Schnepp were lucky enough to be invited to attend the star studded event with their better halves. They all survived the transdimensional super sweaty experience to tell you about it! Let’s talk about who was there, and then get into some non-spoiler stuff about the film itself.

Tim Miller Leaves Deadpool 2 + The New Logan trailer

With news of Tim Miller leaving due to creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds over the casting of the character Cable, what does this mean for everyone’s favorite assassin?!  People are quick to forget that Miller’s company did a ton of work for next to nothing to make this film look incredible so one hopes the production will land on its feet with a perfect director.

We also got a masterful trailer for the third Wolverine film called Logan, which purports to be the last time Hugh Jackman will wear the claws. The panel discuss the awesome sweati-ness of the trailer and what might happen in the movie.

Aquaman on a Quest Like Indiana Jones?


Image via Warner Bros.

James Wan has talked about his direction in the story for Aquaman, after Justice League. He said that while he did not want to give away too much, he revealed he is going for a classic action adventure sort of feel. Adding to that, he drew influences from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Romancing the Stone.

Heroes On The Small Screen

Legion from FX has a new trailer that reveals a very powerful mutant known as David Haller. With this series being helmed by Fargo’s talented creators and writers, this is a new series the panel cannot wait for. It is now supposed to have a loose connection to Professor X, as Legion’s father. We also have an X-Men series involving a mutant family on the run and a brand new relaunch in 2017 for the Marvel X-Men Comics line.

The CW has four DC shows, and we are going to be highlighting them all once a week! There’s Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and finally Legends of Tomorrow.

And now with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. chugging along, mixed with a supernatural Ghost riding and Terrigen mist inhaling, we’ve got enough new blood to make this series very watchable.

Minor Mutations:


Image via AMC

  • Andrew Garfield is cool with Tom Holland
  • Jon Bernthal is a bearded Punisher

Flashback – Doctor Mordrid (1992)

In the early 90’s a company was churning out some fun crazy low budget films, with a flair for horror and the fantastical. This company, Full Moon Entertainment, run by low budget producer Charles Band Doctor, had the rights to make Doctor Strange but lost them, so they just wrote a straight up ripoff. Doctor Mordrid, played amazingly by Jeffrey Combs, is a sorcerer who consults with a force called the Monitor, and is responsible protecting earth from the mystical dark dimensions, in this case, the villain Cabal, trying to summon the evil DeathHead. There is a big battle with some stop motion mammoth vs T-Rex skeletons and four clay demons. Let’s talk about this no frills knockoff cheeseball love letter ripoff to Doctor Strange.

Spotlight – SAGA

This week’s Spotlight is on the incredible comic series called SAGA, created by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. This science fiction fantasy series has a Star Wars flavor mixed into a core family unit, as a husband and wife escape from warring factions of an intergalactic war, to take care of their newly born daughter, who is helping tell this tale from the future as an adult. Vaughan has written Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina. This series has won all of the comic awards, Eisner, Harvey, Hugo for best graphic story and it has all the ingredients to make an incredible series of films or an ongoing episodic series. Vaughan has stated he does not want this to become a series or movie, and live on only as a comic book. Vaughan has stated that he does not think the technology exists to make SAGA work realistically but is open to be proved wrong.

Twitter Questions


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