Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly in Talks to Play DOCTOR STRANGE

     July 25, 2014


Move over Benedict Cumberbatch and those persistent rumors.  Marvel and director Scott Derrickson might have found their Doctor Strange.  Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly in talks to star in the titular role for Marvel’s potential new franchise.

I think this is perfect casting because I think Phoenix is essentially always a great choice.  He’s one of the finest actors of our generation and can effortlessly disappear into pretty much any role.  Hit the jump for more on Joaquin Phoenix potentially playing Doctor Strange.

doctor-strange-joaquin-phoenixPer The Wrap, multiple sources have confirmed that Phoenix is in discussions for the role.  Marvel is also expecting Jon Spaihts‘ rewrite of Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer‘s script to come in soon.

What do you think of this potential casting?  Good choice?  Or did you want to see someone else in the role?  Does Phoenix have what it takes to play a neurosurgeon-turned-sorcerer living in Greenwich Village?  These aren’t rhetorical questions.  I ask because Doctor Strange is actually a huge blind spot for me in terms of my comic book knowledge.  Beyond Stan Lee and Steve Ditko creating the character in the 60’s, I know relatively little.  I do know that after Her and The Master I will tune into any performance Phoenix gives.  And the fact that we’re getting a collaboration between him and Paul Thomas Anderson in Inherent Vice later this year makes me very happy.  Here’s hoping he can make this role every bit as singular as the work he;s been doing lately.

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