‘Doctor Strange’: 7 Questions We Have After Marvel’s Turn Toward the Magical

     November 9, 2016


Here we are again. Another Marvel movie behind us, and you know what that means… I’ve got some questions! Scott Derrickson‘s Doctor Strange is a bonafide hit after its first weekend in theaters, both critically and commercially. It’s a genuine spectacle with staggering set-pieces and inventive, magical action and it’s a damn fine introduction to Marvel’s realms of magic and Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Sorcerer Supreme in the making. But, as with all Marvel films, it also acts a stepping stone toward the future of the MCU. What comes next for the brilliant neurosurgeon and gifted magician? What role will he have to play in the bigger picture?

In a post that’s just absolutely packed with spoilers – seriously, so many spoilers – I’ve broken down some of the major unanswered questions after Doctor Strange. Ponder along with me below.

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