‘Doctor Strange’: Who Is Mads Mikkelsen Playing in the Marvel Film?

     April 22, 2016


Marvel Studios is venturing into unknown territory once again with this fall’s Doctor Strange, which follows the story of Stephen Strange, a typical surgeon whose quest to save his injured hands leads him down a road of magic and mysticism. After training with the enigmatic master of the mystic arts, dubbed “The Ancient One”, Stephen begins his path toward taking the mantle of this world’s “Sorcerer Supreme”. From here, Doctor Strange becomes something of a superhero, guarding the world from supernatural threats, albeit far differently from the Avengers or many of the Marvel Universe’s other powered denizens.

While most of the roles of Doctor Strange have been revealed, Mads Mikkelsen of Hannibal fame remains a mystery, even though he’s the main antagonist of the story. Racking your brain with the possibilities? I’ll try to narrow it down for you with some possibilities below:

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