WALL-E and DOCTOR WHO Lego Sets on the Way

     February 4, 2015


Lego just gave the OK to a concept from the Lego Ideas website, a place where fans can submit ideas for new sets. If their set receives 10,000 votes, Lego evaluates it and decides if it’s going to be produced in factories and then shipped to stores. The latest to make it through the process is a Doctor Who Lego set by Andrew Clark called “Doctor Who and Companions.” The set features the Tardis, which opens up and can be fitted to a console for the Doctor to control.

The Lego Group struck a licensing agreement with BBC Worldwide, so you can expect to see the product in Lego’s key markets before the end of the year. Here’s what Marcus Arthur of BBC Worldwide UK had to say about the opportunity:

“Both Doctor Who and LEGO enjoy a particularly close relationship with their fans and I can’t wait to see what LEGO produce.”

wall-e-lego-setOn top of that, Lego also approved a WALL-E design by Angus MacLane who actually works at Pixar and was a directing animator on the film. The design is incredible and, odds are, I will buy it, but it’s also worth noting that these two sets are small in scale. A user named DarthKy posted massive and insanely detailed “X-Men: X-Mansion” and “Assault on Wayne Manor” sets, both scored the necessary 10,000 votes, but then they weren’t approved by Lego Review even though the company already has those licensing rights. Perhaps there’s a cutoff for how big they’re willing to go with Lego Ideas generated sets?

In other Lego news, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment just unveiled a teaser trailer for the upcoming Lego Jurassic World game. Can’t say I’m dying to play it, but as a somewhat obsessive Jurassic Park fan, the promo still put a big smile on my face: