Celebrate 50 Years of DOCTOR WHO with this Video Game Easter Egg Hunt

     November 29, 2013


Doctor Who is well known for traveling across space and time, but how about appearing across different media?  We just celebrated Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary with a simulcast special last weekend.  Now, some intrepid gamers have scoured some 30 years worth of video games to tease out Doctor Who Easter eggs that range from the obvious to the obscure.  The only thing more foreign to me than this collection of video games is the history and mythology of the good doctor himself, but fans of the long-running show should enjoy the trip down memory lane regardless.  Hit the jump to check it out.

This look at Doctor Who Easter eggs in video games was put together by Did You Know Gaming (via Nerdist).  Watch the video below and leave a comment if there’s an Easter egg you know of that they missed.