Documentary Series and Non-scripted Reality Series Based on LEGO Coming to Television

     October 22, 2009


Reality producer Scott Messick plans to create “non-scripted programming” relating to Legos and that scares the hell out of me.  I love Legos and I can understand wanting to make a movie based on the property.  But reality shows based on Legos?  What does that even mean?  If you lose the immunity challenge someone takes off your head and replaces it with someone else’s?  Is it about some horrific fetish where people try to keep their facial expressions as still as humanly possible lest their heads be replaced with someone else’s?  What is Messick planning?  Hit the jump to stop from shitting bricks.

According to Variety, my fears are irrational and in need of serious psychotherapy.  Messick plans to create a documentary series, competition shows (although not as horrific as I imagine), and kid-friendly games.

Messick’s documentary series will focus on Lego fandom.  For instance, there are three “Lego masters” who go around the world building lego sculptures so Messick is developing a series around them.  No word yet if Messick will investigate the bloody underground war between the followers of Lego and the followers of Playmobil.

As for games, Messick plans to develop a kids game show around Lego board games that are already available in Europe and will soon go on sale in the U.S.  One of the board games involves kids actually making the board, although there’s no confirmation if this is one of the games that we’ll be seeing stateside in the near future.  But I fully support anything that asks kids to be creative.

But then there are also adults and what adults do best is compete for money so it’s a good thing Messick has a run of Legoland.  I’m just not sure how many competitions they can do.  Obstacle courses built out Legos can’t be too sturdy, there could be a game of trivia in there, and probably a fastest-builder challenge.  But then what?  A race to see who can make a child cry by smashing their Lego building?  I guess that could be a good crossover between the kids show and the adult competitions.

Still, I’d be on the look out for the head-replacement thing.  Folks are hard-up for entertainment and they do love Legos.