You Might Wanna Stick Around After the Credits of ‘Frozen II’

     November 21, 2019


By now, people are gonna start having the chance to see Frozen IIJennifer Lee and Chris Buck‘s highly-anticipated sequel to their 2013 Disney modern classic. They’ll have all of their questions answered, questions like: What will happen to my favorite characters? Are the songs any good? Has Olaf realized the irony of liking warm hugs? But there’s still one question that remains for any folks who have yet to see it: Is there a post-credits sequence?

Popularized by the MCU’s Iron Man, in which Nick Fury shows up to tease the goshdarn Avengers in the last seconds, films now often hide a final nugget of joy when the last name rolls by the screen, rewarding patient fans with an ultimate popcorn kernel to chew on. Will Frozen II follow the trend and give you a scene after the credits?


Image via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In a word: Yep! There’s absolutely, 100% a post-credits scene at the end of the film. So if that’s all you needed to know, leave now and have a great time at the movie. But if you want to know exactly what happens to see if it’s worth your time (and bladder control), read on, with full knowledge that light spoilers for Frozen II are ahead.

Seriously, you’ve been warned!

Okay, so here’s what happens! Earlier in the film, Olaf (Josh Gad) gets a brilliant comedic run where he acts out everything that happened in the first film breathlessly when asked how he got to a certain location (comparisons to Michael Peña in Ant-Man notwithstanding). Then, in a brief, final scene after the final credit rolls (during which you’ll hear dope alternate versions of Frozen II bangers from Kacey Musgraves and Weezer), Olaf appears again, addressing camera… and delivers a perfect reprise of that comedic run, summarizing what we all just watched. Then, Olaf ties the reason to tell the story into the film’s beautiful emotional core (water having memory), and in a final punchline, the camera cuts to reveal a captive audience of snowmen and the snow monster from the original listening.

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