Donald Glover to Play Tracy Jordan in 30 ROCK Live Episode

     April 13, 2012


Before he was the nerdy and naive Troy on Community, comedian Donald Glover was making a career for himself as a writer on 30 Rock. The actor can even be heard on character Tracy Jordan’s (played by Tracy Morgan) holiday song Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (one of my favorite gags to come out of the hilarious series). Now Glover will have a more prominent role as a guest star on the new forthcoming live episode of 30 Rock this month. TV Line has word that Glover will play a young version of Tracy Jordan. This will happen on the live episode which will air on April 26th. Apparently Glover’s impression of Tracy Jordan (who is basically a somewhat exaggerated version of Tracy Morgan) is almost perfect to the point that he even finished some of Morgan’s vocals on the aforementioned spooky, scary song when Morgan wasn’t available. Can you tell the difference when listening to the entire track after the jump?