New ‘Don’t Breathe’ Trailer Will Grab You in the Dark

     May 16, 2016


Screen Gems has released a new trailer for Fede Alvarez’ new thriller Don’t Breathe. The film stars Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovatto as a trio of burglars who make the fatal mistake of breaking into the house of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who is nowhere near as frail as he appears to be.

While last week’s trailer made good use of sound design to show how every sound could be the last for the hapless home invaders, this latest trailer is more geared towards the visuals and the helplessness of our protagonists being stuck in the dark with a lethal blind man. It’s a cool premise, and my main two questions for the film is if it can sustain this cat-and-mouse game for the length of a feature, and if we’ll feel sympathy for the burglars and enmity towards their hunter.

Check out the new Don’t Breathe trailer below. The film opens August 26th.

Here’s the official synopsis for Don’t Breathe:

In the terrifying thriller DON’T BREATHE, a group of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist.  They’re wrong.


DON’T BREATHE stars Jane Levy (EVIL DEAD), Dylan Minnette (GOOSEBUMPS), Daniel Zovatto (IT FOLLOWS), and Stephen Lang (AVATAR).


Image via Sony


Image via Sony


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