DRAGON BLADE Poster: John Cusack Makes for a Silly-Looking Centurion alongside Adrien Brody and Jackie Chan

     November 10, 2014


The American Film Market is currently underway, which means production companies and filmmakers are seeking financing for projects or trying to sell international rights for finished films.  Promotion artwork can help them do that, although I’m not sure how much this Dragon Blade poster will accomplish.  We saw some more neutral posters last week for the film, which is about “a missing legion of Roman soldiers that traveled into China in 48 B.C.”  Those posters did not show us John Cusack dressed as a Roman soldier.  I have trouble buying Cusack as anyone who lived before 1980, and I also have trouble understanding why he continues to take such laughable roles.  His presence in schlock has become almost as ubiquitous as Nicolas Cage, but without the charming insanity.  It’s a shame because Cusack can still do good work when he tries such as his recent performance as Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy.  But if he wants to wear a silly helmet, that’s his business, and Chinese cinema can certainly pay well these days.

Hit the jump to check out the Dragon Blade poster.  The film stars Jackie Chan and an also-ridiculous-looking Adrien Brody, and opens in China on February 19, 2015.  Click here and here for more AFM promo posters.


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