DreamWorks Animation Acquires MAINTENANCE Comic

     December 18, 2010


Continuing the tradition of the goofy family-friendly films like Megamind and Kung Fu Panda, DreamWorks Animation has acquired the rights to the comic series Maintenance. Published by Oni Press (who has also blessed us with the Scott Pilgrim series), this comic follows the exploits of two janitors who have to clean up after the most sinister mad scientists in the world. Written by Jim Massey and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez, Maintenance has a style that DreamWorks believes will fit right into their universe of larger-than-life humor and pop culture references.

For a synopsis of the comic, continue after the jump.

Heat Vision reports that the rights to this comic were originally owned by Warner Bros. as a potential project for action director McG.  Joe Ballarini (Dance of the Dead) worked on the script before it went into turnaround. Now that DreamWorks has the rights, there is no one attached to the film.

Here’s the synopsis for Maintenance:

You think your job is bad? Well, Doug and Manny have you beat! These guys are janitors! But they’re not your typical custodial crew–no, sir! They work for TerroMax, Inc., the world’s biggest and best evil science think tank! When they’re not dealing with toxic spill monsters and menial time machine repairs, they have to contend with their boss, a multitude of mad scientists, jetpack-equipped cavemen , alien repomen, and the cute girl who works at reception! [Oni Press]


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