DreamWorks Announces HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON Sequel! Set to Enchant in 2013

     April 27, 2010


It’s not often that we get to cite Yahoo Finance for a story here at Collider, but today’s the day!  Amid a report on financial results for the quarter, DreamWorks Animation announced a sequel to How to Train Your Dragon is on the books for 2013.  After a relatively moderate opening weekend of $44 million, Dragon has sustained incredible grosses with week-to-week declines as low as 14%.  In it’s fifth week in release, Dragon even rose to the top of the weekend charts again: movies don’t do that anymore.  The animated Viking tale has totaled $371 million worldwide, and is on pace to top $200 million domestic by the end of its run.

After the jump, you’ll find some remarks from DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg on the announcement.

jeffrey katzenberg image (1).jpgMr. Katzenberg, one of Hollywood’s leading proponents of 3D, bragged to his audience:

“2010 is off to a strong start, thanks in large part to the performance of How to Train Your Dragon, which – having grossed nearly $375 million to date in worldwide box office – has become DreamWorks Animation’s next franchise. We plan to release the sequel theatrically in 2013.”

In addition to its tremendous earning power, it should be noted that Dragon has attracted remarkable reviews.  It’s easily the most acclaimed effort the animation department at DreamWorks has ever put forth–a very solid foundation upon which to franchise indeed.  Although–without getting into a spoilers–I really have no idea where the sequel will go from the ending.  Bigger dragons? (Only half joking.)


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