June 5, 2009

head.jpgSadly, Steven Seagal is not really driven anywhere in Driven to Kill. The man is getting older, fatter (well, not that much fatter), and I thought this might be a geriatric revenge film on par with Death Wish 3. I wish someone had to drive him someplace so he could go kill someone, but the title is misleading on that front.

Steven Seagal. Direct to video. What do you need to know? You need to know that this is a fairly efficient and brutal action movie that manages to make the most of Seagal. There’s not much else to look for in this movie, though he does have an effective antagonist in Igor Jijikine, who is best known for being eaten by ants in Indiana Jones and the Terrible Movie. Seagal plays a father with mod ties who comes home for his daughter and he upcoming marriage. But his ex-wife (who he’d still fuck) gets murdered and his daughter ends up in a coma. Bad move, bad guys.

Driven to Kill dvd.jpg

The film moves fast and there’s a number of actions scenes well staged. This is easily one of the better Seagal DTV efforts (should we call them DTD or DTB these days? Dunno). Is there much else to say after that? Not really. Blood splatters and the plot is diverting enough. I just wish Seagal was driven to more locations because he was infirm. That’s what I wanted. This is a fine entry in his canon, and improves on a lot of his terrible DTV efforts, but it’s still that. But I got what I wanted/needed from the film, and if you’re down with the SS, you will as well.

Twentieth Century Fox presents the film in widescreen (1.78:1) and in 5.1 DTS HD. There are no extras. Bask in that.

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