Exclusive: Sing Along with Glomgold in This ‘DuckTales’ Theme Song Takeover Video

     July 19, 2019


If you’re a fan of Disney’s DuckTales but couldn’t make it to the San Diego Comic-Con panel today, we’ve got you covered. We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive video of Scrooge’s nemesis, the one and only Flintheart Glomgold, taking over theme song duties and opening animation credits. The result is … well it’s something!

The new take on the DuckTales theme song comes courtesy of Keith Ferguson, whose cranky and cantankerous character takes over the beloved and iconic theme song with his own unique rendition. Written by Mark Mueller, Francisco Angones and Tanner Johnson, the “Theme Song Takeover – Glomgold Takes Over DuckTales” debuted during the Comic-Con panel, but we can bring it to you here right now!

Glomgold’s version of the theme song is part of Disney Channel’s “Disney Theme Song Takeover” short-form animated series, which spotlights popular animated characters doing their own unique take on their series’ popular theme songs complete with new lyrics. The latest take over was with Launchpad McQuack. Check out the new DuckTales theme song takeover below, and cross your fingers that they restore the original by the time new Season 2 episodes premiere this September on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW:

Glomgold hopes to steal the DuckTales theme song and rebrand it to GlomTales!


Life is like an evil scheme, here on GlomTales
Sharks and bombs and Scrooge’s screams, it cannae GlomFail
Cannae top my grand plan, to beat that Scotsman
Technically I’m Scottish as well
Uugggghhh—Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks
What’s next? Oh yeah!
C-C-C-CG, it’s so fancy
Once Scrooge sees this, there’s no chance he
Cannae compete with the glory of GlomTales!
Bravest, strongest, and most modest, GlomTales!
Okay, we ran out of budget, but kids 6 to 10 will love it

And for a bonus video, here’s Launchpad’s attempt at a takeover:

Launchpad grabs the controls and crashes the DuckTales theme song! He may have forgotten most of the words, but he is determined to land this song!

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