‘Dumbo’: New International Trailer Goes Full Tim Burton

     February 6, 2019


Disney has released a new international trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of Dumbo, based on the iconic 1941 animated film that then became an iconic ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The Mouse House enlisted filmmaker Tim Burton to bring the story to life, and this new trailer feels very much like a Tim Burton movie. It has Danny DeVito complaining about how “weird” Dumbo looks with his giant ears, while the various “outsider” carnies rally around the baby elephant to celebrate his differences. Quite literally every movie Tim Burton has made has been about “outsiders” in one way or another, whether it’s a man who dresses up as a bat, a ghost demon, or a serial killing barber.

What makes Dumbo unique, however, is that Burton appears to be aiming squarely at kids and families. In that regard this film is much more along the lines of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or even his last movie, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Which I suppose is an admirable track, even if I long for the days when Burton made movies like Big Fish and Ed Wood—though perhaps Big Eyes is evidence he’s somewhat lost his mojo in that regard.

But I digress. Dumbo comes at a time when there is significant interest around Disney’s live-action remakes, but it also marks something of an underdog for 2019. This year will bring us the blockbuster remakes of The Lion King and Aladdin, two beloved films that speak to now-grown millennials’ childhoods. Dumbo is a bit more of a throwback by comparison, and it’ll be interesting to see how audiences respond. At the very least, the cast is terrific and I do like the go-for-broke production design.

Check out the new Dumbo international trailer below, and if you missed Vinnie’s set visit coverage, check out his interviews with Colin Farrell and Danny DeVito. Written by Ehren Kruger (Ghost in the Shell), the film also stars Eva Green, Michael Keaton, Alan Arkin, Finley Hobbins, and Nico Parker. Dumbo opens in theaters on March 29th.

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