Duncan Jones No Longer Attached To ESCAPE FROM THE DEEP; MUTE May Be Next

     December 17, 2010

I love Twitter. There are countless interesting people to follow for any movie geek and one of my absolute favorites is Duncan Jones (follow him here), director of the instant sci-fi classic Moon, one of my favorite movies from the last couple years and the upcoming (and great looking) Source Code. Jones is one of the most down to earth, genuine people on Twitter and he regularly responds to tweets directed at him, so today I took a chance and asked him when we will hear about his next picture and if would be the previously announced Escape From The Deep or his intriguing original script Mute, a future noir in the style of Blade Runner.  Jones was kind enough to reply:

“not on the sub movie anymore, but trying hard to get one of two things made next. Mute is one of those 2”.

Continue reading for a refresher on Mute. Make sure to follow myself and Mr. Jones, he’s truly a fun guy to follow.

Mute: From what we know, the film is inspired by Blade Runner and set in future Berlin. A mute bartender must go against the city’s gangsters to find his missing girlfriend. The film is said to be set in 2046 and would require a budget larger than that of the $5 million miracle Moon, which allegedly caused development to stall before Jones decided to make Source Code next.

Not only does he make great films, but Jones comes off as incredibly down to earth and, dare I say, geeky on Twitter. He regularly talks about his love for video games and is constantly geeking out about games and movies. He regularly responds to tweets at him and he seems like a movie geek like us. I for one can’t wait for Source Code and anything Mr. Jones decides to do after that.

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