Movie Talk: ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Looks to Cast Ansel Elgort; ‘Ninjago’ Voice Cast Revealed

     June 28, 2016

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (June 28, 2016) Mark Ellis, Kristian Harloff, Jon Schnepp and Ashley Mova discuss the following:

  • Ninjago movie voice cast revealed
  • First trailer released for Joshy
  • First look at Jacob Tremblay and Jaeden Lieberher in Colin Trevorrow’s The Book of Henry
  • Opening this week (Brought to you by AMC theatres)
  • Mail Bag


Image via 20th Century Fox

After a long legal battle with Courtney Solomon, director of the first Dungeons & Dragons movie and the rights holder to the film franchise, Warner Bros. is finally making their first casting addition to the live-action movie with Deadline reporting that Fault in Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort is in early negotiations to star. Elgort has been a main actor in the Divergent sci-fi franchise and appeared in the Chloe Grace Moretz-led remake of Carrie. Goosebumps director Rob Letterman is directing Dungeons & Dragons, based on a screenplay by The Conjuring 2 writer David Leslie Johnson. In a recent interview he described the movie as a Guardians of the Galaxy-tone set in a Tolkien-like universe. A release date has yet to be announced. last reported on the Minecraft movie back in February, learning in an exclusive interview with producer Roy Lee that a movie would be happening and was “part of a multiverse where humans can enter the world.” Now, we finally have a release date for the movie with Deadline reporting Minecraft is slated to open in 3D and IMAX on May 24, 2019, a date far enough away that no other movie is scheduled against it, with the closest competition coming from Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Part II on May 3rd. A cast has not been announced for the project.


Image via LEGO

After The LEGO Movie hit theaters to rave reviews and huge box office back in 2014, Warner Bros. made plans to continue its LEGO film franchise with a number of sequel spin-offs. There’s The LEGO Batman Movie is making its way into theaters on February 10, 2017 and The LEGO Movie Sequel is due out two years later on February 8, 2019; in between those films is the Ninjago movie, a film based on the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu toys. We haven’t heard much about the movie since its release date was announced, but thanks to a report from, the film’s voice cast has been revealed in a catalog at the 2016 Licensing Expo. The line-up includes Jackie Chan as Master Wu, Dave Franco as Lloyd, Michael Peña as Kai, Abbi Jacobson as Nya, Kumail Nanjiani as Jay, Zach Woods as Zane and Fred Armisen as Cole. Ninjago is the story of six young ninja tasked with defending their island home, called Ninjago. By night, they’re gifted warriors, using their skills and awesome fleet of vehicles to fight villains and monsters. By day, they’re ordinary teens struggling against their greatest enemy: high school. The Ninjago movie is due in theaters on September 22, 2017.


joshy-posterThe first trailer for writer-director Jeff Baena’s R-rated Sundance comedy Joshy, has been released starring Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch as a bereaved man who tries to enjoy what would have been his bachelor party. The movie also features Adam Pally, Nick Kroll, Brett Gelman, Alex Ross Perry, Jenny Slate, and Aubrey Plaza. Joshy is a comedy about a man whose girlfriend has just died after committing suicide just months before their wedding. Josh’s friends had already put the deposit down on a vacation to Ojai for his bachelor party, so they decide to proceed with their plans and turn it into an opportunity to cheer up their grieving friend. The movie hits theatres on August 12.

Summit Premiere and Miramax have released the first trailer for The 9th Life of Louis Drax, a film that centers on a young boy Louis, played by Aiden Longworth, who has survived eight near-death experiences, but plunges off a cliff on his ninth birthday. While he survives the fall, he stays in a coma, and it’s up to his doctor played by Jamie Dornan to find out the truth about what happened while also falling for Louis’ mother played by Sarah Gadon. Actor Max Minghella wrote the screenplay for the film based on the bestselling novel, and is directed by The Hills Have Eyes’ Alexander Aja. The film opens on September 2nd, and also stars Aaron Paul, Oliver Platt, Molly Parker, and Barbara Hershey.


Image via Focus Features

The first image from Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow’s The Book of Henry has been released showing the first look at the two brothers played by Room’s Jacob Tremblay and Midnight Special’s Jaeden Lieberher. The film is keeping the plot under wraps with Trevorrow recently telling Empire Magazine that he wanted to do something that scared the hell out of him and a return to smaller-scale filmmaking. Empire says the movie “concerns two brothers Peter and child prodigy Henry Carpenter (Tremblay and Lieberher, respectively) who “collaborate on a scheme to rescue their neighbor (Maddie Ziegler) from abuse at the hands of her police commissioner dad.” Naomi Watts co-stars as the boys’ single mother who offers love and support. The Book of Henry releases later this year.

OPENING THIS WEEK (Brought to you by AMC Theatres)

The BFG – Ten-year-old Sophie is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she meets the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance). Naturally scared at first, the young girl soon realizes that the 24-foot behemoth is actually quite gentle and charming. As their friendship grows, Sophie’s presence attracts the unwanted attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and other giants. After traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG must convince Queen Victoria to help them get rid of all the bad giants once and for all.

The Purge Election Year – As a young girl, Sen. Charlene Roan survived the annual night of lawlessness that took the lives of her family members. As a presidential candidate, Roan is determined to end the yearly tradition of blood lust once and for all. When her opponents hatch a deadly scheme, the senator finds herself trapped on the streets of Washington, D.C., just as the latest Purge gets underway. Now, it’s up to Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo), her head of security, to keep her alive during the next 12 hours of mayhem.


Peter writes:

Hey Collider crew, 

Long time viewer, first time questioner… Questioneer? Questionman? Questor? Questing? Whatever! First time sending in a question!

I wanted to ask you guys, what movie did you watch at a very young age, were very afraid of it for a very long time, and then watched it again years later and had a totally different experience? For me, it has to be Alien. 1985 (age 4), scared sh*tless. 1999 (age 18), “this is awesome!”.

Peter, from Perama, Greece. 

Albert Rodriguez writes

Hey Collider Crew, I’ve been an avid fan since December 2015.  I love what you guys are doing; Nightmares is now my favorite show.  You’ve got every day of my week covered.

When hearing about the Old Man Logan film in the works, it made me realize that X-Men was Hugh Jackman’s first American film.  It made me go back and think about where some of today’s biggest actors got their start: Jason Bateman in Teen Wolf Too, Michael J. Fox in Midnight Madness, Jennifer Anniston in Leprechaun, Bryan Cranston in Amazon Women on the Moon. Which movie do you still enjoy in which a big name actor got their break? For me it would be Vince Vaughn in Rudy.



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