DVD Trailer for Michael Dougeherty’s Long-Delayed TRICK ‘R TREAT

     September 9, 2009


I’ve been hearing about “Trick ‘r Treat” for years now I think.  The buzz for this film has been pretty much unanimously amazing forever now and it has sadly only been sitting around on some shelf only gathering dust while only gaining more buzz online.  Sadly, the trailer that popped up today has the word “DVD” in front of it instead of “Theatrical” but I guess we should be happy that the film is finally even coming out.  You can watch the quote filled trailer after the jump.

“Trick ‘r Treat” is about four interwoven stories that occur on Halloween: An everyday high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin might have just met the one guy for her; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank; a woman who loathes the night has to contend with her holiday-obsessed husband.

This film sounds cool and all but what really gets me excited for this one is the extremely good word of mouth for it.  Look at this trailer.  Look at all those quotes. I really hope that it lives up to the hype.

“Trick ‘r Treat” comes out just time for Halloween on DVD and Blu-ray October 6th.

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