DVR This: JERSEY SHORE gets a 2nd Season; PARKS AND RECREATION Renewed for a Third

     January 30, 2010

Jersey Shore MTV slice Parks and Recreation.jpg

Jersey Shore, informally known as a the GTL show, will be returning for a new season according to THR. The cast will be reunited and America will be able to follow their “lives” in rapt horror/fascination for a further 12 episodes starting in mid-to-late summer of this year. In order to meet that deadline, production will be starting soon but a new location will be chosen since the Jersey Shore is fairly quiet in the winter. Personally, I hope that MTV’s next announcement is for a Gauntlet-style contest that pits Real World/Road Rules alums against the entire Jersey Shore cast. It would be the greatest crossover event since Marvel-Capcom.

THR also reports that Parks and Recreation will be returning for a third season. Despite lackluster overall ratings, Parks performs fairly well with with highly-coveted 18-49 demographic. In making the announcement, NBC stressed that the early renewal of Parks was done to lock in the actors’ schedules and does not reflect the status of the other Thursday night comedies. Even so, The Office, 30 Rock and Community all outperform Parks so it would be very surprising to not see all four back next year.