Dwayne Johnson Teases Black Adam and “Fun” Future DC Movies

     January 12, 2017


Back in August 2014, when Dwayne Johnson was in peak “Franchise Viagra” form having just revitalized both G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Fast & Furious 6 while also showing off his dramatic chops in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain, the actor signed on to join the DC movie universe. At that point, Warner Bros. had just barely gotten started and was deep in development on Batman v Superman, but now two years later, Johnson’s Black Adam movie still has yet to come to fruition. Granted he’s a busy guy, but not to fret—Johnson recently took to Facebook to provide an update on his future in the DCEU, teasing a few details from a meeting he recently had with the higher ups at DC Comics.


Image via Warner Bros.

The tease of “hope, optimism & FUN” is certainly meant to qualm fears that every DC movie will be as joyless as Batman v Superman, and with films like Justice League, Aquaman, and The Flash on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see which of these movies carries the “tonal shifts” that Johnson is teasing. Though, granted, it looks like Johnson was meeting with DC Comics people and not Warner Bros. people, and it’s the latter who actually make the movies.

Black Adam is admittedly a less well-known comics character than the ones DC has tackled in its movies thus far, but he’s a supervillain who regularly clashed with the comics superhero Shazam. Indeed, Johnson was given the choice of playing either Shazam or Black Adam, but he opted to go the villain route.

It’s still unclear when and where this Black Adam movie fits on the schedule, and the film doesn’t even have a director yet. But on Christmas Day, Johnson shared an image of him hanging with Henry Cavill’s Superman, teasing a DC collaboration, so it’s possible we could see a potential Superman/Black Adam movie on the horizon. Or maybe Johnson has a cameo as Black Adam in Justice League?

It’s all speculation at this point, and Johnson’s dance card is mighty full at the moment. He most recently wrapped Jumanji, is next set to shoot Rampage, and is also attached to star in San Andreas 2. But perhaps the most exciting film on his docket is Doc Savage, writer/director Shane Black’s adaptation of the pulp series which would see Johnson playing one hell of a protagonist for one of the most talented writer/directors working today. Much as fans want to see Johnson join the DCEU, I’ll admit I’m hoping Doc Savage happens sooner rather than later.


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