Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ Disney Movie Is Officially Happening

     April 7, 2017


If we’re going to have a movie based on a theme park ride, then at least it stars Dwayne Johnson. The Rock himself has been attached to a Jungle Cruise movie, based on the Disney adventure, since 2015, but the project has gone through a number of script rewrites and changes (which feels like a smart move). But Johnson is also a very busy actor, attached to so many projects it’s hard to keep up. Nevertheless, it looks like Jungle Cruise will get slotted into spring of 2018 to start production.

As THR reports, Johnson will again team up with Dany Garcia, his co-CEO of the production company Seven Bucks, which is also behind Ballers, Baywatch, the Jumanji remake. Now that a new Jungle Cruise script by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay reportedly looks solid, it seems the Rock is ready to roll (I had to. I had. to.)


Image via Warner Bros.

For those unfamiliar with it, Jungle Cruise takes riders on a journey through a variety of rain forest locales, from the Nile and Congo rivers to the Amazon and more. One presumes the film will be an action-adventure tale, which is seemingly Johnson’s preferred milieu (although he also is great as a financial advisor in Ballers!) The search for a director is now on.

Speaking of Ballers, neither that nor Doc Savage are mentioned in THR’s report as being a part of Johnson’s upcoming schedule. It details that:

The actor begins shooting Rampage, New Line’s creature feature video game adaptation, later this spring. His high-rise adventure movie Skyscraper will shoot in China in late summer and fall. After a short breather, and with Jumanji opening in December, Cruise will be next on the docket. All will fly the Seven Bucks flag.

That also leaves out mentions of Black Adam and a San Andreas sequel, all of which appear on his IMDB page as announced projects. Now, obviously that isn’t to be taken as gospel, but it’s worth noting because the man is damn busy, and it does beg the question of when he will find the time to be involved in these other projects.


Image via Warner Bros.

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