Dwayne Johnson as ‘The Wolf Man’? Universal Reportedly Eyeing The Rock For Monster Movie

     June 22, 2016

With the various superhero properties continuing their expansions, one shared cinematic universe that has yet to kick start is Universal’s monster movies. After the Luke Evans-led Dracula Untold faltered in its launch, the studio is hunkering down with The Mummy starring Tom Cruise with more to follow. While we wait to see how this on-screen world takes shape, there are rumblings that it’s trying to get a bigger boost of star power with Dwayne Johnson.

According to a report from Deadline about the actor producing a feature film adaptation of the graphic novel Son of Shaolin for Sony, there are “persistent rumors” that Universal wants Johnson to star in The Wolf Man, a reboot of the horror classic that’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s unclear what approach the studio has for this tale, or who else will be involved in front of or behind the camera. But, if Johnson can find time in his increasingly busy schedule, he’ll probably do it.


Image via Universal Pictures

Whenever you think he’s too busy, he goes and adds another project to his slate. In addition to his trek through the Fast & Furious movies (he’s currently filming Fast 8 as we speak), Johnson will also appear in sequels to Journey and San Andreas, Shazam for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, Doc Savage for Iron Man 3 director Shane Black, Jumanji with co-star Kevin Hart, and an adaptation of the Rampage video game. That’s not even including his producing credits.

The Mummy is currently scheduled for release on June 9, 2017, while Universal has staked out releases for other yet-to-be-named monster movies in April 13, 2018, and February 15, 2019. The goal is to release one a year, though that could change, especially if these films make bank at the box office.

We know the studio is trying to convince Angelina Jolie to star in The Bride of Frankenstein, while other creatures that could be tapped for films are the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Invisible Man, and perhaps even another Dracula.


Image via Universal Pictures

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