Watch Dylan O’Brien Re-Enact Andrew Garfield’s Fiery Scene from ‘The Social Network’

     May 22, 2020


Parenthood alum Sarah Ramos has been recreating scenes from her favorite films and television shows while stuck in quarantine, and this week she asked her former Teen Wolf co-star Dylan O’Brien to take over Andrew Garfield‘s role in The Social Network.

Garfield earned a Golden Globe nomination for his turn as Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, so O’Brien had some big shoes to fill, but to my great surprise, he actually does a pretty good job here. Ramos plays Jesse Eisenberg‘s Mark Zuckerberg as well as Justin Timberlake‘s Sean Parker, and O’Brien does well playing off of her.


Image via Columbia Pictures

The scene finds Eduardo smashing Zuck’s keyboard and threatening to maneuver Facebook away from The Hooded One. It’s the character’s biggest scene in the movie and a reminder of just how great that David FincherAaron Sorkin collaboration was. It also serves as a stark reminder that actors are only as good as the material they’re given. O’Brien impressed me in Deepwater Horizon, but outside of a supporting role in that film, he hasn’t really been given the chance to show what he can do as a dramatic actor. Seeing him recite Sorkin’s dialogue does wonders for him, as it offers a glimpse of his true potential.

Meanwhile, Garfield took a look himself and reached out to Lin-Manuel Miranda to share his reaction on Twitter since he doesn’t have social media — no surprise given the theme of The Social Network. Garfield, who stars in Miranda’s musical Tick, Tick… Boom!, relayed that he loved the re-enactment and thoroughly approved.

Take a look below and hit the comments section to let me know who you think did it better — Garfield, or O’Brien. And then put the shoe on the other foot. Could you see Garfield as the star of The Maze Runner franchise? For Adam Chitwood‘s essay on why The Social Network should’ve won Best Picture — which I totally agree with — click here.

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