E3 2010 – Pictures of TRON EVOLUTION Banners, MORTAL KOMBAT Banner, and Mickey Mouse

     June 14, 2010

Tron-Evolution-video-game-e3 slice

E3 starts tomorrow.  In case you don’t know what E3 is…it’s the biggest video game convention of the year and it takes place here in Los Angeles.  While they tried to tone it down over the past few years, the convention is back and bigger than ever.  I’ll be attending tomorrow to take a ton of pictures of what I think is cool.

While I thought I’d have to wait till then to post my first image article, thanks to a Collider reader named Dan, we’ve got a first look at a few images from the convention.  He sent over some pictures of the Tron Evolution banners hanging in the main walkway, the new Mortal Kombat game banners which feature “fatality” and “finish him”, and some weird looking Mickey Mouse type banners.  In his email he said security was tight and while he wanted to takle more photos, they always stopped him.  Obviously you can expect a huge image article tomorrow night.  Until then, check out what he sent after the jump:

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