Looking Back at E3 2014 Plus Over 100 Images from the Popular Gaming Expo

     June 18, 2014


Last week E3 2014 came to a close, but it left plenty to be excited for in the near future.  The “Big 3”, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, all have their Next Gen systems in consumer hands, so this year was all about proving why you shouldn’t lose faith in their product.  With owners of the Xbox One, Wii U, and Playstation 4 all clamoring for games for their libraries, there are quite a few titles I think you should be on the look out for.  Click on through to see my top games and over a 100 pictures of E3 2014.

While the battle continues between the Xbox One and the PS4 over which console is more powerful (and if it matters), Nintendo was there to steal the show.  All three days their booth was overflowing with people to check out a bunch of new titles.  From the new paint themed squad based shooter, Splatoon, to a create your own platformer in Mario Maker, there were plenty of original new games.  However, Nintendo’s trump card came in the form of a sequel to their very popular fighting game, Super Smash Bros.  With all new characters and levels, the Gamecube controller adapter, and of course stunning HD, Smash was as addictive as it was fun to play.  Launching on both the Wii U and 3DS later this year, the Big N went all out dedicating the majority of their booth to the game and even holding an Invitational tournament featuring some of the series best players from around the world.  Along with the announcements of all new exclusive Zelda, Yoshi, Pokemon, Star Fox, and Toad games, I think Nintendo won E3!

Now that isn’t to say that there aren’t things to look forward to from both Microsoft and Sony.  While both consoles are desperately in need of some games there were a few exclusives that stood out.  For the Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive took center stage.  In an over-the-top world where humans have transformed into monsters after ODing on energy drinks, you are tasked with using the craziest weapons to take them out, all while running, jumping, grinding, and swinging from every conceivable platform you touch.  The kinetic pace of the game was a nice change to the current trend of hiding behind cover and carefully making your moves.  The game also emphasized playing with your friends as did another big Xbox One title, Fable Legends.  This game puts a spin on the franchise by having you choose from a few different legendary characters to journey into Albion with 3 companions.  Ideally, the companions would be friends of yours, but you can play with computer controlled A.I..  A fifth person can also play as The Villain, a god like character hell-bent on stopping the other four.  While little was shown of the full game, it is definitely one to keep an eye on.

That leaves Sony, and they had something new up their sleeve with Project Morpheus, their answer to Oculus Rift.  A virtual reality headset that along with surround sound headphones and the Playstation Eye camera for tracking, allows full immersion into the game you are playing.  It is difficult to explain the experience without trying it out for yourself, but imagine seeing the game through a pair of goggles, and no matter what direction you moved your head, you see the world just as if you were actually there.  It really is like being inside of the world of the game.  With 1:1 tracking of your movements, you throw a punch in real life, your character on screen does simultaneously.  While the gameplay was still very much a tech demo, you really got the feeling that this is the VR we were all promised 20 years ago.  Sony really has something special with Project Morpheus.  All that is left is for some really great games to compliment it.

I recommend also checking out Alien: Isolation, The Order: 1886, Evolve, Batman: Arkham Knight, plus a lot more of the hundreds of games across all platforms at E3. However, the games I focused on were really the stand outs.  A few games are slated for 2014, but the majority of what was shown is coming in 2015, and trust me, it will be a big year for gaming.  If there were any games that you would really like me to cover a bit more, let me know in the comments.  It is another year until the next E3 and until then I leave you with over a 100 photos I took from the floor of this year’s expo.

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