Disney Nature: EARTH Blu-ray Review

     September 2, 2009


If you’ve got a Blu-ray player, there’s something to be said for picture quality as an end game. As the technology makes it way into houses, and 1080p transfers are the things to show off, then I makes sense to have a number of demo discs. Wall*E is the perfect example of excellent sound and picture quality, as is a film like There Will Be Blood. 2009’s Earth is knocking on that door. My review of Earth after the jump.

earth_disneynature_movie_image_2009__1_.jpgA cut-down version of the Planet Earth Documentary, Earth covers the globe following Elephants, whales, polar bears, and sharks, to name just some of the creatures on display. Taking a passive, but definitely green approach to the material, what one takes away from this travelogue is mostly the visuals, the spectacular imagery of great camerawork and nature writ large.

Though perhaps not great as anything more than spectacle, watching a shark jump out of the water to grab a seal and chomp, watching a whale or elephant migrate, watching a cheetah take down a gazelle in quick strokes is impressive, and the footage transfers well to the format. You’ve probably seen footage like this before in some class or another, but the power and the beauty of the format offers additional pleasures in the presentation.

earth_disneynature_movie_image_2009__2_.jpgBut saying that, Earth will suck you in to its freeform narrative about the world around you. Perhaps it serves well as nostalgia for such nature documentaries, but I was still impressed. Especially at home. On Blu-ray.

Disney presents the film in widescreen (1.78:1) and in 5.1 DTs-HD surround. Again, what you came for here is the quality, and it shines. Extras include a PIP track with the filmmakers that offers their comments and some behind the scenes footage. It’s a solid commentary track, informative, and visual, which adds to the flavor. The film comes with a making of documentary (42 min.), and a digital copy.


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