Danny McBride Cruises Through Mexico in a New Promo for 2nd Season of EASTBOUND AND DOWN

     August 13, 2010

We’ve already seen a teaser trailer for the forthcoming second season of the raunchy, vulgar and hilarious HBO comedy series Eastbound and Down starring Danny McBride as blowhard, jerk-off, has-been pitcher Kenny Powers. Reminiscent of the original teaser for The Dark Knight, all we heard was McBride’s dulcet tones over a jolly roger image with baseball bats crossing a skull in place of bones. Just after our own Andre Dellamorte was welcomed into The K-Swiss Tubes Brotherhood of Elite Badassness, a new short TV spot gives us our first look at Kenny Powers cruising through Mexico on a motor scooter like the bad-ass we all know and love.

See the promo and details on the second season after the jump.

Promo via Yahoo! TV.

The second season of Eastbound and Down premieres on September 26th on HBO with Kenny Powers in a foreign land. At the end of the first season Powers left his home in North Carolina and drove off to who knows where. Now we know that Powers has found himself in Mexico picking up his pitching game south of the border playing for a team run by Michael Pena (Crash, Observe & Report). In addition, Powers also has a new love interest with Ana de la Reguera (Nacho Libre) being easy on the eyes. I can’t wait to see what crazy directions this season goes in September.