EASTBOUND & DOWN Season 4 Starts Filming End of May! Danny McBride Says It’s About “What Happens to the Hero After He Rides Off Into the Sunset”

     March 30, 2013


Earlier today at WonderCon, Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) told me some fantastic news: Eastbound & Down season 4 starts filming at the end of May and it’s about “what happens to the hero after he rides off into the sunset.”  While we previously reported HBO had picked up the show for a fourth season, news on everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, morally questionable ball player has been very quiet for the past eight months.  Thankfully, it seems Jody Hill and McBride have come up with a storyline they’re happy with and if filming begins in May, perhaps the new episodes will air late this year.  Fingers crossed.

However, if you’re hoping to see a lot more Kenny Powers after the fourth season, McBride made it sound like this is really going to be the final outing.  He talked about how they have other characters and projects they want to work on, and while they love making Eastbound, it takes time; I think they’re ready to say goodbye.  Since Eastbound was originally planned for three seasons, I’m just happy we’re getting a bit more time with Powers before they say goodbye.   Hit the jump for what McBride had to say on Eastbound and look for the full interview soon.

Danny-McBride-Eastbound-and-Down-season-4One last thing…make sure to watch at the 1:35 mark….

Danny McBride:

  • The challenge of trying to top what you’ve previously done.  Talks about how each season they try and reinvent the show
  • Talks about how they were ready to walk away but HBO really wanted them to do more
  • Is the 4th season definitely the last season.  Talks about how they have other characters and other projects they want to work on…it sounds like the 4th season will be it.
  • Make sure to watch the background around the 1:35 mark
  • 2:00 – Do they know where the 4th season will end and what it’s about.  Says the season is about “what happens to the hero after he rides off into the sunset.  That’s kind of where we’re starting with this season.”
  • 2:20 – Are they already talking to people are guest starring


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