Vincent Cassel in Talks to Join Viggo Mortensen for EASTERN PROMISES Sequel [Update: David Cronenberg Will Direct]

     June 8, 2012


It appears that the Eastern Promises sequel that’s been brewing for the last few years is finally happening.  Director David Cronenberg’s 2007 crime drama was extremely well received upon release, and talk then turned to a possible sequel with star Viggo Mortensen returning.  As early as last November Cronenberg was talking about the positive chances of a sequel happening, and now it appears that things are moving full-speed ahead.  However, Cronenberg apparently won’t be returning as director this time.  Vulture reports that not only is co-star Vincent Cassel in negotiations to return for the follow-up, but screenwriter Steven Knight will be taking over the director’s chair.  Hit the jump for more.

[Update: Vulture has corrected their report to say that Cronenberg will indeed direct the sequel, not Knight]

viggo-mortensen-eastern-promises-2-sequelKnight wrote the script for the first film and the upcoming sequel, and he’s making his feature directorial debut on the Jason Statham-fronted Hummingbird.  The report doesn’t specify why Cronenberg isn’t directing this time around, but he’s understandably a busy guy.  I’ve yet to see Eastern Promises (I know, I know), but Vulture reports that the sequel picks up right where the first film left off.  Hopefully we hear more solid word on the project soon, as producers are planning on starting production in early 2013.  Knight recently wrote the Dan Brown adaptation The Lost Symbol, and was just hired to write a new adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s novel Rebecca, which was previously turned into a film by legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. Watch the trailer for Eastern Promises below.


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