Ed Asner Reprising Guest Star Role from Original HAWAII FIVE-0 for CBS Series

     December 8, 2011

It’s been 36 years since Ed Asner took a guest role in the original Hawaii Five-0 series in 1975, and now Deadline reports the veteran actor will return as that exact same character on CBS’ series reboot. In a strange almost paradoxical turn, footage from the original series will be used in the new episode featuring Asner’s return. The original episode titled Wooden Model of a Rat saw Asner playing August March, an up-and-coming world class smuggler. Thirty years later, March is reformed after spending 30 years in prison for murder. Living on O’ahu, the new Five-0 crew approached March to help with a smuggling case. This seems like a strange merging of the two series, but it’s definitely a cool move for fans of the original series who have stuck with the reboot. It may not make the most sense (at least on the surface), but it’s certainly an interesting idea.