Ed Bass Tells the Story of Female Serial Killer BELLE

     May 12, 2009

belle_gunness_image_01.jpgThere’s the old saying that “Women: can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.”  While homosexuals have done their damndest to undermine this empty maxim (along with undermining the publication “Maxim”), there’s a smaller group that has also attempted to prove this saying wrong: murderers.  And in the case of America’s most prolific female serial killer Belle Gunness, the saying is merely, “Women: can’t live with ’em because she will murder you.”  Working mainly from her farm base in La Porte County, Ind., around the turn of the 20th century, Gunness left a trail of buried bodies as she allegedly killed two husbands and dozens of suitors to whom she wrote love letters and who arrived at her farm with fat wallets. Several of her stepchildren mysteriously disappeared as well.*

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Ed Bass is brining Gunness’ story to the big screen in his directorial debut, “Belle”. I love what he has to say about her story: “It’s classic theme: a woman looking for love and never quite finding it,” Bass said. “And when she finally does find love, it eludes her.”  No, the theme is that she murdered motherfuckers.  Love didn’t “elude” her as much as it was straight-up killed.  Unless she was into some heavy necrophilia, I think she missed out on love the second she decided to kill the guy.

I wish Bass the best of luck with this film and depending on the quality of the script (which Bass co-wrote with Eva Mayer), this could be a rather juicy roll for a talented actress.

*Spoiler alert: she killed them.  Mystery solved.

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