Ed Harris Talks About His Breakout Role on…..CHiPs?!

     January 17, 2011

Ed Harris-the-way-back-chips-slice

When you sit down to do an interview, more often than not, whatever you ask has already been talked about to death.  After all, if someone is out promoting their latest action film, most will ask how they did a certain action scene, or what it was like to work with a co-star.  So when I do interviews, I really try and ask things that are not on the menu.  At least for my first question…

Which brings me to Ed Harris.

When I sat down to talk with him for Peter Weir’s new movie, The Way Back, I tried to have some fun with my first question.  While I wasn’t sure how Harris would respond…thankfully, he was game.  So what did I ask him about?  What was it about CHiPs that led him to where he is today (he did an episode in 1981).  His answer after the jump:

You’ll notice I was a bit nervous asking him the question (he is Ed Harris after all!)….but I eventually got it out.  Look for my full interview with Harris in the next day or two.  You can watch some clips from Weir’s The Way Back here.  Huge thanks to Ed Harris for being a great sport!


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