August 12, 2009

Ed Helms The Hangover movie image (1).jpg

Ed Helms is now a movie star.  Get used to it.  The former “Daily Show” contributor and co-star of this summer’s breakout comedy “The Hangover” has signed to his second starring role in as many months.  The first, coming while “Hangover” was still king of the box office, was a little indie road-trip movie but today Helms got onboard a big time studio comedy called “Central Intelligence”.  Hit the jump for all the details.

Ed Helms The Hangover movie image.jpgAccording to Variety Helms will star in “Central Intelligence” for Universal.  The film centers on an unassuming accountant who is thrown into the world of covert ops when he reconnects with an old friend on Facebook.

Before Helms tackles “Intelligence” he will take on a small-town insurance agent in the Alexander Payne-produced “Cedar Rapids”.  The comedy, which will feature Helms’ character being blown away by that big city Iowa nightlife, is being set up at Fox Searchlight.  Helms is also co-starring in “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” which opens Friday and then he’s got some show called “The Office” that people seem to like.

I would actually be worried about Helms becoming overexposed if I didn’t have faith in his ability to fool audiences with his endearing blandness.

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