Ed Helms Denies Involvement with VACATION Sequel/Remake

     March 12, 2012


New Line has been prepping a new entry in the Vacation franchise for quite a while now, but the project finally picked up steam when Horrible Bosses writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were pegged to write the script. This past February, we learned that not only had Daley and Goldstein written the script, but now the duo are set to direct the project. The film is imagined as a sequel/reboot to the classic series and will center on an adult version of Rusty Griswold now dealing with a family of his own.

Rumors swirled recently that Ed Helms may possibly be taking on the lead role in the project, but when Steve spoke to the actor at the press day for his upcoming dramedy Jeff Who Lives at Home, he responded, “I don’t know where those rumors bubbled up from.”  Hit the jump for more.

Steve asked Helms if there was any truth to the rumors that he’s looking at starring in the film, but apparently word of the actor’s involvement was news to him:

“I don’t know where those rumors bubbled up from. I don’t know what that’s about… I haven’t had any conversations about that.”

Nevertheless, it’s not hard to imagine Helms being a perfect fit for the role of an adult Rusty Griswold. He’s more than come into his own as a comedic actor in the past few years, and it’d be fun to see him take the lead in such a high profile project. Steve posited that Helms would make a swell Griswold, to which he responded:

“Well it could be, I suppose. I understand that project is afloat, but I don’t know where I fit into that right now.”

While it appears the actor doesn’t have any involvement with the project at the moment, I wouldn’t be shocked if New Line approached him for the role. It’s easy to envision him knocking it out of the park, and given Daley and Goldstein’s track record I’m hoping we’re in for something more along the lines of Christmas Vacation than Vegas Vacation. Watch the portion of Steve’s interview with Helms regarding Vacation below, and look out for the full interview closer to the release of Jeff, Who Lives at Home.

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