Edgar Wright Reveals Minor Details about His Plan for ANT-MAN

     January 13, 2011


With Scott Pilgrim vs. The World off to build its cult following on DVD and Blu-ray, writer/director Edgar Wright is now turning his attention to the Marvel superhero movie, Ant-Man.  Wright recently spoke with 24 Frames about the film and said that he’s now writing the script with The Adventures of Tintin collaborator Joe Cornish.  However, Ant-Man, due to his relative anonymity in the mainstream, doesn’t have to stand as a Marvel tentpole:

“This one’s not about about the urgency of summer tentpoles and things going into production without a script,” said Wright, who approached Marvel with the “Ant-Man” idea. “It’s slightly different than that.”

Wright previously stated he wants the Ant-Man to be “a shrinking film about a bad-ass secret agent.”  For those unfamiliar with the character, hit the jump.  Also, if you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to check out Wright’s new film series at the New Beverly, The Wright Stuff 2.

ant-man_01From the Marvel Universe Wiki:

Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym was a brilliant scientist who spent much of his time in his lab. At one point, he met and married the beautiful Maria Trovaya. Unfortunately, when travelling in her home country of Bratislavia, she was captured by revolutionaries, and, despite Pym’s efforts, she was killed.

One day he discovered a process in which he would manipulate a newly discovered group of subatomic particles through magnetic fields. Pym tested the serums on himself, and had accidentally shrunk himself to the size of an ant and was trapped inside an anthill. Once normal sized, Pym destroyed the serums, thinking that they were too dangerous . He rethought his decision, and recreated the serums, dubbing them “Pym Particles” and developing a formula that would enable himself to shrink and return to normal size. He also worked on a cybernetic helmet to enable him to communicate and study ants. Pym was also working on behalf of the government to find to work on a formula to help provide immunity to low-level radiation. It was then that several Soviet KGB Agents broke in, attempting to kill Pym and destroy his work. Pym donned the cybernetic helmet and newly designed protective suit, shrank himself, and escaped outside, to the anthill. There, he gained control of the ants, and attacked the agents and freed his assistants.

Pym began to adventure as the hero Ant-Man, often running up against the villain Egghead. About the same time, he created the robot Ultron-1,who brainwashed Pym into forgetting this achievement and only revealed itself many months later, becoming his archenemy. In the meantime, he was contacted by the father of Janet Van Dyne to help him in his scientific experiments. Pym soon fell in love with Janet, who reminded him of a young Maria. When her father was captured by the aliens he was trying to contact, Pym as Ant-Man came to rescue him. Ant-Man revealed his identity to Janet, and Pym convinced her to join him as his partner, engineering her body to become his sidekick, the Wasp.

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