Listen to Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright Talk ‘Baby Driver’ for 30 Minutes

     July 21, 2017


While all talk surrounding Christopher Nolan at the moment has to do with his brilliant World War II film Dunkirk, here’s a conversation in which Nolan is moderating a discussion with a different filmmaker: Edgar Wright. Indeed, Wright was the guest of honor at a recent DGA screening of his also-brilliant actioner Baby Driver, and Nolan steered the conversation. Lucky for us, these conversations are recorded and put online as part of the DGA Podcast, so the full half-hour talk is now online for us to enjoy.

Nolan and Wright have been friends for a bit, as the two also worked together to lobby studios to keep celluloid alive a few years ago. In this discussion, Nolan is refreshingly cheery as he lavishes praise upon Baby Driver and the two get into the nuts and bolts of making the film. Basically, it’s a conversation between two master filmmakers about a freaking great movie, so it’s a must-listen for cinephiles.

The two talk about Wright’s distinctly British point of view in his Cornetto Trilogy, and how Baby Driver is a departure of sorts for the filmmaker. They also talk about how Wright pulled off specific sequences in the movie, and go deep on how Wright planned out the soundtrack, and Wright discusses his great working relationship with cinematographer Bill Pope. Wright even reveals a time when he realized a song ended 30 seconds before a scene was over, and how he shot a new bit to fix it on the last day of filming.

Again, this is a must-listen for fans of Wright, Nolan, or filmmaking in general, and it’s a delight to hear someone like Nolan is just as big a fan of Wright’s work—and Baby Driver—as us “normies.” Listen to the full conversation below.

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