Edgar Wright Provides Updates on ‘Grasshopper Jungle’, ‘Collider’, and ‘Shadows’

     June 12, 2017


We went though a four-year drought between Edgar Wright’s The World’s End and his new film Baby Driver (there was supposed to be a superhero film somewhere in 2015—does anyone know what happened to that?), so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for his follow-up. In the past, we’ve reported on several projects that Wright has been attached to.

First, there’s the YA-adaptation Grasshopper Jungle, a post-apocalyptic tale in which six-foot-tall praying mantises have taken over the small town of Ealing, Iowa, but the protagonist is also sorting through his feelings for his best friend and a local girl. It sounds super weird, but also perfect for Wright.

At the Baby Driver junket, we asked if Jungle would be his next movie, and he replied:

“Potentially. It’s one of a couple of things that I’m developing. It’s a book that I really enjoyed and there’s a good screenplay and stuff. The exact next thing I don’t have entirely worked out, but that is one of the things in the mix, yeah.”

When asked about what drew him to the material, Wright said:

“The book was really good, really interesting way of doing a coming-of-age movie and I thought it was really progressive as well.”


Image via Sony

Wright’s also attached to Collider, not to be confused with the 2013 movie or the website you are currently reading. It’s a sci-fi film, but details beyond that are scarce. Additionally, it doesn’t sound like that one is quite ready to go yet:

“That’s another one that’s in sort of the mix. That’s something that’s really in the script stage. It’s quite an ambitious idea, it’s something we’ve been working on for quite a while.”

Finally, there’s the DreamWorks Animation film Shadows, but that one sound like it could be dead due to staffing changes over at the studio:

“Well I wrote three drafts of that, but because of the whole regime change there, most of the people that hired me and David Walliams to do it don’t work there anymore. So at the moment that’s not something that I’m necessarily attached to I think. It’s something that’s TBD.”

It will be interesting to see what Wright does after Baby Driver comes out, and how quickly he’s able to get moving on it. Look for our full interview closer to release.

Baby Driver opens June 28th.

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