Edgar Wright Interviews Michael Cera and Jonah Hill about SUPERBAD

     August 8, 2007

By now you’ve all heard how funny and raunchy the new film “Superbad” is. And while some movies get built up to a unrealistic level before you see it, “Superbad” might be one of the few that actually meets your unreachable expectations.

During the screening I saw, so many lines couldn’t be heard due to the audience laughing so hard that I’ll actually have to see it again when the theater is less full. Yup, it’s that funny.

Next week I’m going to be posting some interviews with the cast, but until then, a new journalist has come on the junket scene. He happens to be British and he looks like Edgar Wright, the director of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” But since Edgar would never be a journalist who’d ask dumb questions… it couldn’t be him.

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