Edgar Wright and The New Beverly to Present THE WRIGHT STUFF 2

     January 3, 2011


Edgar Wright is re-teaming with popular theater The New Beverly to present a new line-up of some of his favorite films.  Wright will be on hand to introduce all of the films (schedule permitting).  This is an awesome collection of films and if you live in Los Angeles and don’t attend at least one of these double-features, you’ll be missing out.

Hit the jump for the schedule.  The Wright Stuff 2 begins January 14th with a triple-header of Wright’s films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Here’s the current schedule, but be sure to check the New Beverly’s website for any last-minute changes.  Click over to Wright’s official website for more details on his selections.

January 14th & 15th

Shaun of the Dead Fri / Sat: 7:30
Hot Fuzz Fri / Sat: 9:30
Scott Pilgrim versus the World Fri / Sat: 11:59pm (Midnight)

January 16th & 17th

Brazil Sun: TBA; Mon: 7:30
Delicatessen Sun: TBA; Mon: 10:05

January 18th & 19th

Dirty Harry Tues / Wed: 7:30
The Super Cops Tues / Wed: TBA

January 20th & 21st

American Graffiti Thurs / Fri: 7:30
Animal House Thurs / Fri: 9:45

January 22nd

Run Lola Run Sat: 11:59pm (Midnight)

January 22nd & 23rd

Frenzy Sat: 7:30; Sun: TBA
Dressed to Kill Sat: 9:45; Sun: TBA

January 24th & 25th

The Driver Mon / Tues: 7:30
Duel Mon / Tues: 9:25

January 26th & 27th

Wild at Heart Wed / Thurs: 7:30
True Romance Wed / Thurs: 10:00

January 28th & 29th

The Wanderers Fri / Sat: 7:30
The Warriors Fri / Sat: 9:50

January 30th & 31st

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Sun: TBA; Mon: 7:30
Miami Blues Sun: TBA; Mon: 9:45

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