Edgar Wright to Direct Movie about a Robot Who Gets Inspired to Write a Screenplay

     March 31, 2020


Edgar Wright is incapable of making a bad movie, and a potential next project for the Baby Driver filmmaker sounds downright incredible. While Wright is currently in post-production on the psychological thriller Last Night in Soho, which is scheduled to hit theaters later this year, it appears he’s next looking to dive headfirst into a robot sci-fi story.

Per THR, Wright is set to direct an adaptation of the upcoming Simon Stephenson novel Set My Heart to Five, and the logline is incredible:

According to the synopsis the story is “set in an all-too human 2054,” and follows Jared, an android that works as a dentist, as he undergoes an emotional awakening that is sparked by an introduction to ’80s and ’90s movies. He then embarks on a quest to convince humans that he and his kind should be permitted to feel. It’s a quest that leads to an unforgettable adventure across the West Coast of America, determined to meet to programmer that created him and write a film script that will change the world.


Image via Focus Features

That is a lot to unpack. Robot dentist? Check. Heavy 80s and 90s movie nostalgia? Check. A.I. ethics? Check. American adventure? Check. And for the grand finale: robot wants to write a screenplay that will change the world. Checkmate. Game over. Give me this movie now.

In truth, this kind of story in the wrong hands could be a disaster, but again, Wright has proven incapable of making a bad film. His early films like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz were brilliant genre riffs; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World proved Wright could handle a big budget while crafting eye-popping—and unique!—fight sequences; The World’s End was a hilarious yet mature and surprisingly dark step up in terms of character and emotion; and Baby Driver is a tightrope walk of action-thriller-musical ambition that Wright pulls off beautifully.

With Last Night in Soho, we’ll get to see how the meticulous and gifted filmmaker handles the horror-thriller genre, and if he does indeed make Set My Heart to Five, well, that logline is pretty indescribable but I have no doubt it’ll be something special.

Stephenson, who wrote the novel, is set to adapt the screenplay and Working Title Films—with whom Wright has worked many times before—is backing the project with Focus Features distributing. There’s no guarantee that this is Wright’s next film, as he’s also developing a Baby Driver sequel for Sony Pictures and has been attached to an adaptation of the YA monster story Grasshopper Jungle, although we haven’t had an update on that project in some time.

Whatever the case, Set My Heart to Five sounds insane in the best way. Here’s hoping Wright gets to make it.

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