Edgar Wright Shares His 100 Favorite Horror Films of All Time

     October 27, 2017


Shaun of the Dead is pretty much a perfect film, so when director Edgar Wright wants to chime in with his 100 favorite horror movies of all-time, I’m more than ready to listen. We previously reported on Wright’s list of 1,000 favorite movies, and to be honest, I’m surprised he was able to whittle his horror picks down to just 100. Then again, we wouldn’t want to make things too easy for people who are looking to tackle his recommendations.

Here’s what Wright wrote about his choices on Mubi:

“Here, for Halloween, is a chronological list of my favorite horror movies. It’s not in any way an official best of list and merely represents my tastes at the moment. So if you feel something is missing – MAKE YOUR OWN LIST.


To be honest it was very tough to whittle down to 100 and thus a lot of ’thrillers’ that I love did not make it – Se7en, The Vanishing, Manhunter, Silence Of The Lambs, as well as some science fiction films and allegorical movies (the fantastic ’Spirit Of The Beehive.’ ) But rest assured you can find them all on my 1000 (!) fav movies list.


Either way, there’s lots to enjoy on this list of 100 bloody great horrors from all over the world. Enjoy.”

Looking through Wright’s list, there are the classics like Rosemary’s Baby, The Wicker Man, and The Exorcist as well as the deep cuts that you would expect from a cinephile such as The House That Screamed, A Bucket of Blood, and Curse of the Demon.

If you’re looking to get cracking on this list ASAP, number 100 on this list (which is arranged chronologically by release date), Train to Busan, is on Netflix right now.


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