Edgar Wright Talks THE WORLD’S END, Deleted Scenes, IMAX, 3D, Dwayne Johnson, ANT-MAN, His Sci-Fi Movie COLLIDER, and So Much More

     August 25, 2013


With Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End opening this weekend here in the States, I got a chance to sit down with him recently for an extended video interview.  Since he’s been traveling the world promoting the film with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, I tried to ask new questions and a lot of them came from you guys via Twitter, so a big thank you to everyone that sent me a question.

During the very wide-ranging interview, he talked about making The World’s End, future movies with Pegg and Frost, what will be on the eventual Blu-ray, deleted scenes from all of his movies, IMAX, 3D, his favorite TV shows, the way he edits, if he will ever work with Dwayne Johnson (they’ve been tweeting at each other a lot), his role as producer, if he is interested in developing a TV show (he has something but it’s in the early stages), and so much more.  In addition, he talked a bit about Ant-Man and his sci-fi film Collider which is being written by Mark Protosevich.  Hit the jump to watch.

Here’s the time index of the interview.  That way you can watch the parts that interest you.

the-worlds-end-poster-simon-peggEdgar Wright:

  • :07 – Wright says he’s wearing his “sexy glasses” today.
  • :31 – Talks about the lengthy promotion process for the film and doing the final Q&A with Simon and Nick.
  • 1:21 – Says the amount of time and effort you put into promoting the movie is in correlation to how proud you are of the movie.
  • 2:25 – When will he, Simon, and Nick reunite again for another film?  Says they want to work together and have “the tiniest inklings” of an idea, but they have no firm plans.  When they do work together again, it will be something wholly separate from The Cornetto Trilogy.
  • 3:45 – Getting financing for The World’s End.  Says Hot Fuzz was the easiest one to get going.  When they first submitted the script for The World’s End, the proposed budget was more than twice what it ended up being.  They still shot that same script in the end, but for much cheaper.
  • 5:00 – Talks about how they wanted The World’s End to be a British film, despite the fact that it would have been much easier budget-wise if they had cast Johnny Depp or Channing Tatum.
  • edgar-wright6:55 – How long was his first assembly cut?  Says it was only seven minutes longer than it is now.  There are less deleted scenes from World’s End than there are from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.
  • 7:48 – They reshot one scene from The World’s End that was originally shot in daytime.  They changed it to night.
  • 9:13 – Talks about the Blu-ray for The World’s End.  Says the making-of documentaries are really good, and they have one in which the young counterpart actors from the film mirror the adult actors.  There are also fight rehearsals, stunt tapes, and breakdowns of the effects.  “That will be a good Christmas present,” he says.
  • 11:17 – Twitter questions.  What is his favorite beer?  Says his favorite wine is Pinot Noir because he likes saying it.
  • 12:45 – What hair product does he use?
  • 13:07 – What’s his favorite Grange Hill character?
  • 13:34 – Does he know the difference between jelly and jam?
  • 14:02 – What were some of his favorite movies this summer?  Talks about Iron Man 3, Blue Jasmine, and The Way, Way Back.  Says there are a bunch of films he hasn’t seen yet.
  • 15:30 – Since they keep tweeting at each other, when are he and Dwayne Johnson going to be working together?  Talks about using two The Rock moves in The World’s End and says they’re all in awe of what a gentleman Johnson is.
  • the-worlds-end-comic-con-poster17:08 – Says in the first draft of the script they had a 13th pub.  It was called “The Bold-Faced Stag.”  Describes the scene that would’ve taken place there.
  • 18:18 – Does he have any interest in shooting with IMAX cameras or in 3D?  Says he shot one shot in Star Trek Into Darkness on IMAX film.  Talks about Christopher Nolan’s use of IMAX.  Says the trickiest thing of 3D is making sure that the effect is done well, and exhibitors can easily screw up the presentation.
  • 20:16 – Is there anything on TV that he’s been offered or that he would like to do?  Says he has an idea for something that he’d like to do on TV, but it’s in the early stages.
  • 20:54 – What shows does he watch?
  • 21:37 – His role as a producer in the future.  Says he was a producer on Attack the Block and Sightseers mainly to get the films made.  He doesn’t want to spread himself too thin or become “producer in name only.”
  • 23:27 – Talks about the Collider movie.  What are the perks that our website will get?  Says it’s a story that he came up with and told J.J. Abrams about, but didn’t have time to write.  He wrote the story with Mark Protosevich, and Protosevich is writing the screenplay.  “It’s something like a kind of movie I haven’t seen for a long time.  There’s a particular kind of sci-fi film that I feel has been missing from our screens for a while.”
  • 24:38 – Ant-Man talk.  He starts pre-production in October and starts filming next year.  He’s going to take a month off before going into the Marvel movie.
  • 25:44 – How many nights at the pub has he spent with Simon and Nick?
  • 26:24 – Talk about his favorite editing in movies.  Says Don’t Look Now is the best-edited movie of all time.  Talks about bringing on Paul Machliss and John Amos as first-time feature film editors for Scott Pilgrim.
  • 28:28 – His personal editing process.  The last thing he edited himself was the Don’t trailer.  Says he doesn’t do much coverage because his films are shot in particular pieces.
  • 30:08 – Did the character switch for Simon and Nick in The World’s End change how he directed the actors?
  • 31:00 – Goodbyes. Edgar says “thank you” to Collider and apologizes for Steve’s “appalling” language.


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