‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’ Script Is Complete, Doug Liman Confirms

     October 17, 2019

In a recent interview with CBM, director Doug Liman revealed that he has completed a script for a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, and is basically just waiting for Tom Cruise’s schedule to clear up. But nailing that specific window of Cruise availability, and hoping it syncs up with the schedule of his Edge of Tomorrow costar Emily Blunt, may prove to be a… challenging mission?

Cruise is currently locked down filming back-to-back Mission: Impossible sequels with writer-director Christopher McQuarrie. The M:I franchise has become Cruise’s flagship vehicle, and it’s unlikely he’s going to be willing or able to divide his attention between it and an ambitious sci-fi action sequel. That means Liman has to put his sequel on hold until Cruise finishes filming the next two Mission: Impossible installments, a fact the director acknowledges.


Image via Warner Bros.

Edge of Tomorrow was somewhat of a surprise when it was released back in 2014. Despite a somewhat lukewarm box office haul considering its budget and the presence of a megastar like Cruise, the movie received almost unanimous praise from critics for its unique premise and humor, and for Cruise’s decision to play a little against-type as a bumbling coward who slowly becomes a capable hero by dying over and over again (sometimes in truly hilarious fashion).

There’s no official announcement on a shooting date, outside of “after Tom Cruise is done with Mission: Impossible,” but Liman coming out and letting us all know that Edge of Tomorrow 2 is on his radar with a completed script is reassuring for fans of the original. We just have to sit through a few more stunt-and-mustache-laden Missions: Impossible movies to get it. And no part of that transaction is a bad thing.

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