‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’ Still Moving Forward as Doug Liman Shares Look at Insane Writing Process

     January 14, 2020

Edge of Tomorrow is a sci-fi action film built mostly around Tom Cruise dying repeatedly and Emily Blunt doing push-ups, and is therefore a modern masterpiece. Development on a sequel, which kickstarted almost immediately after the film hit theaters in 2014, has been slow going indeed. But we’re getting there! Director Doug Liman shared a photo on Instagram—also featuring writer Matt Robinson and producer Alison Winter—of the extremely chaotic energy radiating off his story planning set-up, which at least proves that Edge of Tomorrow 2 is still inching forward.


Image via Warner Bros.

As you can see in the photo below, there’s a lot of story web to untangle, all of it blurred except for the names Cage and Rita, the two characters played by Cruise and Blunt. That in itself is interesting, though, as locking down those two leads might be the most complicated step of all. Cruise is currently locked down for two Mission: Impossible movies, scheduled to be shot back-to-back by director Christopher McQuarrie—who co-wrote the original Edge of Tomorrow script—and released in 2021 and 2022.

Back in March of 2019, it was reported that Robinson turned in a pitch that officially landed him the writer role on the sequel. By October, Liman was telling CBM that he had a completed script and was basically just waiting for Cruise’s schedule to clear up. “I’m hoping. If we’re going to do it, that would be the time,” Liman said, referring to that hypothetical future when the actor’s M: I commitments are through, assuming he has not bungee-jumped himself to death at that point.

Check out the photo below. For more on Edge of Tomorrow 2, here is what Doug Liman told us in November about the sequel’s chances of happening.


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