‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Writer Christopher McQuarrie Shares Delightful New Trivia

     January 9, 2020


Longtime Tom Cruise collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, who directed the last two Mission: Impossible films and is currently at work on a third, shared some trivia about the 2014 sci-fi action thriller Edge of Tomorrow with fans on Twitter. McQuarrie wrote the screenplay for the film, which starred Cruise as a reluctant hero in a futuristic war with alien invaders who have the ability to rewind time like a bunch of NFL referees.

McQuarrie offers a number of interesting tidbits about the production of the film, which underperformed at the box office but was a hit with critics and has developed a cult following on video. (And if we’re being totally honest, it’s one of the best movies of Cruise’s career.) Some of the more eye-catching facts include the revelation that the script was totally rewritten a month before shooting, and that Bill Paxton collaborated with McQuarrie to come up with his character’s dialogue. Also, Cruise apparently calculated exactly how much time it took to get him and his co-stars in and out of their complicated mechanical rigs, and trained the crew to shave the time down to a manageable 3 minutes so bathroom breaks wouldn’t eat up an entire hour. Efficient, Mr. Cruise!

You can check out the entire thread below. For more, check out the latest casting news from Mission: Impossible 7 and and the status of Edge of Tomorrow 2.

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