Edward Norton Developing LEWIS & CLARK Miniseries with Director John Curran for HBO

     October 12, 2010

After collaborating on films like The Painted Veil and the recently released drama Stone, it looks like Edward Norton and director John Curran are working together again, but this time they’re bringing their talents to the small screen. In a recent interview with The AV Club, Norton revealed that he’s been working with Curran to develop a historical miniseries based on the Stephen Ambrose book Undaunted Courage, a biography about the famous explorer Meriwether Lewis and his journeys with William Clark.

Apparently the book does not simply chronicle the events of the Corps of Discovery but also assesses the military leadership of Lewis and Clark, how they negotiated with various native peoples and what they reported to Thomas Jefferson. This is quite an undertaking for Norton and his collaborators as he says, “We’re trying to assemble [the miniseries], and it’s very big. It’s so out of scale with anything my partners and I have produced. It’s a very interesting set of equations to get something like that made. We’re pretty thick in that right now.” If it follows in the footsteps of HBO’s recent historical miniseries like John Adams and The Pacific, then I think we’re in for a great telling of Lewis & Clark’s travels. Norton doesn’t mention whether or not he’ll have a starring role in the series, but stay tuned as more information becomes available. Sound good?