Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston Get Into Their ‘El Camino’ Reunion in This BTS Featurette

     February 12, 2020


El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie came to Netflix in October 2019, boasting a Breaking Bad epilogue for Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from original series creator Vince Gilligan. And while we were all excited to see what fate ultimately befell Jesse, we were equally excited about the prospect of one question: Will Walter White (Bryan Cranston) return? Friends who haven’t seen the film: I’m so sorry, I’m about to spoil it, because the answer is “Yes, Walter White will return.” How the heck did they pull it off in such secrecy? In anticipation of El Camino‘s airing on AMC, they released a behind-the-scenes featurette with Cranston, Gilligan, and Paul getting into how they made that Walter White appearance happen.


Image via AMC

Yes, the clip does feature the necessary information required to understand how they transformed Cranston into Heisenberg for less than a day of shooting. And yes, it’s endlessly fascinating, a testament to creative ingenuity, and a reminder of how important makeup and hair is to the shows and movies you watch. But, lowkey, I’m mostly recommending this clip for what happens within, like, the first 20 seconds. For one: Cranston reveals that, in a preliminary dinner with Gilligan when the creator first pitched the movie to the actor, Gilligan is 100% certain that Walter White died at the end of the original series (the glee in which Cranston asks “Is Walter White not really dead?” is palpable), so we can all put that conspiracy theory to bed. And for two: Cranston has a killer Gilligan impression. It’s soft-spoken, it’s got just the right amount of twang, and it’s indicative of how loving of a friendship they’ve cultivated. Come for the “how’d they get Walter White in the movie,” stay for the “friends lightly roasting each other.”

Check out the BTS clip below. El Camino comes to AMC February 16. For more on the spin-off film, check out our examination of the ending. Plus: another BTS with all your favorite creatives chatting about the creation.