‘El Chicano’ Poster Shows a Different Kind of Vigilante from Co-Writer Joe Carnahan

     February 7, 2019


Briarcliff has released the poster for the upcoming thriller El Chicano. Directed by Ben Hernandez Bray from a script he co-wrote with Joe Carnahan (The Grey), the film focuses on twin brothers Diego and Pedro who go their separate ways as adults with Diego becoming a cop and Pedro becoming a criminal. However, when clues connected to Pedro’s death connect to a case of Diego’s, a mysterious vigilante figure of their youth, “El Chicano”, resurfaces.

Here’s what Carnahan had to say about why he decided to co-write the film and why he has so much faith in it:

“My best friend and former stunt coordinator Ben Hernandez Bray had been talking about EL CHICANO for over 10 years and having lost his own brother to gang violence, there was a very real life corollary with the story. Ben always said that as a Latino, he never really identified with Batman, or “a billionaire white boy who worked out of a cave”. I was working on BAD BOYS FOR LIFE and got kind of fed up with that process and really believing in my friend and the story he wanted to tell, I threw myself into EL CHICANO and now, two years later and our pockets drained, here we are, with this fantastic movie, opening Cinco De Mayo weekend, right after THE AVENGERS: ENDGAME. I think this date, at the top of the summer, speaks volumes about how good the movie is and how much confidence Tom Ortenberg and everyone at Briarcliff has in EL CHICANO.”

Check out the poster below. El Chicano opens May 3rd and stars Raul Castillo, George Lopez, Aimee Garcia, Marlene Forte, Marco Rodriguez, and Jose Pablo Cantillo.

el-chicano-posterHere’s the official synopsis for El Chicano:

Growing up in East LA, twin brothers Diego and Pedro always knew they had each other, from goofing off on bikes to spying in on parties. As adults, Diego became a police officer looking out for the streets he used to play on, while Pedro turned to a life of crime. When clues start connecting Pedro’s death to a case Diego is working on, the mysterious vigilante figure of their youth—“El Chicano”—returns, drawing Diego in deeper than he ever expected.


Director Ben Hernandez Bray puts his skills with action and authenticity to good use, balancing adrenaline-filled beats with moments of emotional connection. Writers Bray and Joe Carnahan offer up a socio-political allegory within the framework of the superhero genre, taking advantage of audience’s familiarity with what they see in the movies and what they see in the news.

And here’s the trailer:

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